We are always looking for clean, all original, name-brand and rare guitars and amplifiers to add to our shop, so please do keep us in mind if you are contemplating selling any of your guitars or amplifiers. We have an honest reputation of paying our clients fair market value for exceptionally clean pieces, whether it’s a single piece or many pieces from a collection. For mint, near mint and excellent+ condition guitars, we will certainly offer much more of a premium than we can for guitars with extensive wear or which have been ‘modded’ with aftermarket parts.

We operate a small family-run shop with much less overhead than the “big guys” which costs us less to ‘keep the lights on’ so to speak, and so we can usually offer you more for your instrument than larger dealers would typically offer you.

Likewise, if you see an instrument that you like in our inventory and you would like to upgrade your present-day instrument for a newer or higher-end model or just need a change, contact us and maybe we can work out a trade with a reasonable balance. And vice versa, whether you bought a guitar that’s just “a little too flashy” to be your everyday player and have some buyer’s remorse, or if you are thinking about selling your guitar by necessity but don’t want to be without a nice guitar altogether, you may want to ‘trade down’ and receive a very fair payment of cash back in the process. Either way, please do contact us and we’ll work with you to find a solution for you.

If you live within a reasonable distance from where we are located we are also ‘happy’ to come to you to assess firsthand any exceptionally rare or expensive guitars, or also to survey an expansive guitar collection including amplifiers, pedals, effects and other accoutrements for sale as a gross amount.

If you are interested in selling your instrument(s) as described above, the first step would be to contact us to see if we would be interested. If contacting via email or an app messenger, you should attach only a few “clear” photographs initially with a basic description of your guitar including details like the year, model and general condition. Also, please include your asking price. If we are interested we likely ask you for some more photographs and the serial number.

If we agree on a price, we will request you to package the instrument safely and send us the guitar so that we can properly inspect the instrument in person. After authentication, we will send payment to you via bank wire-transfer the same day that the item is received and authenticated. If however, we receive the instrument in condition ‘other than as described’ we will promptly return the guitar to you in the same packing materials as received in, at our cost, although we have never had this happen yet –knock on wood.

We thank you very much for considering us as a potential buying or trading partner, whether now or anytime in the future.


- Felicity

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